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Exemplary Teaching and Learning Frameworks

by Dan McWilliam 

In 2011 staff at the Connect Charter School, Calgary Science School at the time, were asked "What does exemplary teaching and learning look like?"

The process and rationale for the creation of the frameworks is described here. 
"In addressing this question, reference was made to the work that has been done on student assessment through our AISI project; the Galileo longitudinal research study of the Calgary Science School one-on-one laptop program and student engagement initiatives; the expectations for exemplary teaching outlined in the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard and a variety of artefacts including school evaluation reports, survey data and the fundamental framework as a school outlined in our charter. Students and parents along with school staff members were involved in the process of developing descriptors of exemplary teaching and exemplary learning in Connect Charter School (Calgary Science School.)"

Years later the Exemplary frameworks have emerged as vital tools in developing Teacher and Student Learning Plans, Research and Innovation Projects, Board Initiatives, Teacher Practice, Outreach and Professional Development Strategies, Teacher Hiring and Deployment, Administration and Teacher Evaluations and more.

These living documents are in every classroom, and our school community is aware of, and reflects upon, each of our roles in striving to produce and participate in Exemplary Teaching and Learning. With our recent name change, came a need to revisit and revise the frameworks. Text versions were sent to all of our teachers through Google Drive to share with their students and to add notes of their comments and revision suggestions. A team of teachers then reviewed all of the suggestions and implemented many of them, including a change of format suggested by grade 5 in this blog post.

Below are the newest versions of the Exemplary Frameworks (June 2014).

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