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"It's not about school anymore"

Last week two of our grade 9 students were interviewed on CBC radio about all the municipal election projects they've been working on.

In particular, CBC radio was very interested in the efforts our grade 9 students have made to convince young voters to go to the polls. To accomplish this, we sent half our of grade 9 students (100 in total) to each of the two universities here in Calgary.

Armed with campaign materials and a boat load of political enthusiasm, our grade 9s spent two hours one afternoon walking around convincing university students to vote.

Here's the highlights from the interview with the two grade 9 students conducted a couple days before the event: (3 mins)

Wanted: US Students for Political Collaboration

The grade 9 teachers and students at the Calgary Science School are seeking an online partnership with a school in the United States for a multi-week study on political systems.

We are hoping to find a group of teachers and students who are willing and able to engage in an inquiry-based, comparative study of the political and economic systems of our two countries. This project will be issue based (immigration, healthcare, etc) and involve students working with partners across the border to examine how the two political systems respond to these issues.