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Arctic Games in Physical Education

Our Physical Education classes have been participating in 12 Arctic games this week. Some of our grade 9 students have been leading the different activities for the younger students.

Peace Festival at CSS

Monday December 17 saw the kickoff performance and assembly for our annual Peace Festival. The theme this year is 'Wellness'. A teacher committee, with the help of some grade 9 students, recruited parents and teachers as volunteers and experts to facilitate workshops that share the idea of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Exemplary Learning Formula

Margaret Leland-  Grade 5 Humanities

In a recent Learning Strategies class we had been discussing the interconnected nature of the pillars of our Exemplary Learning framework. The students were tasked with talking about two questions: How does relationships and communication relate to the other pillars? and, Do the pillars all connect to student success?

After about 10 minutes discussion one of the groups looked like they had found a 'big' answer. When I approached their group they stated that the only way they could really do it was to develop a mathematical formula to represent their thinking.

Trees and Forests Inquiry Grade 6

Does the Weaselhead Natural Area produce enough oxygen to sustain Calgarians?

Greg Neil~ Grade 6 Math and Science

Our grade 6 students investigated this question in their Math/Science classes this year. The question was developed as part of a brainstorming session with students. This inquiry required the use of numerous mathematical skills, introduced students to the idea of assumptions and bias in Science, reinforced the need for accurate data and provided an authentic investigation into an important natural region close to the school. A current proposal to build a ring road through this natural area, made this project even more relevant and engaging for students.

After introducing the question, students started the investigation by gathering important background information. Sources such as Environment Canada, Statistics Canada and NASA were useful in establishing some basic facts about Oxygen production, current population and average values of Oxygen consumption by humans.