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Writers’ Guild

Aimee Trudel~ Grade 5 Humanities

CSS’s Writers’ Guild talking to author Dwayne Hauck 
about self publishing on line.
Writers’ Guild; an opportunity for students of all ages to get together and share their passion for writing!

In response to a student’s request to have more time to write about ‘anything I want’, she and I spearheaded the Writers’ Guild. So, for the past few months, a handful of students from grades five to nine have gathered together on a weekly basis to share their passion for writing.

The Writers’ Guild has since created an Edmodo group to share ideas, resources and stories (see some of the links below) and shared in author Dwayne Hauck’s brainstorming session on “How to Publish a Book On-line for Free” (

This small and very talented group of students has excelled in sharing a great deal of support toward each other. For some, it has provided an opportunity to find the motivation they needed to focus on what they love to do.
Chelsea, Lea, Harley and Rowan sharing ideas during one
 of our weekly Writers’ Guild lunch meetings

Excerpt fromThe Unknown Scarlett :
"As if the world was now a picture book the scene changed, swirls of colours blurred my vision until we were in a whole new room standing next to Ruvan in a murky old house. Mold grew from the dripping ceiling, nails stuck out from the wooden walls, and the only lights were candells laying around the floor. Two children sat in the corner, trying to both fit behind one bright red wool blanket, that was clearly ripped in many places. One of them was clearly younger than the other, he had stunning aqua eyes and long blond hair that almost covered his face. He wore a tattered hoodie and ripped jeans, but no shoes were in sight. The other child was unfortunately not wearing any better. He was tall and held himself up right, his serious expression never seemed to change, yet he still gave off a happy vibe."

Excerpt from Stormclan:
"Stormclan is a name for the area as a whole. Despite it being an under-used term, every warrior knows it for the sake of teaching them that even if the other clans are their enemies, they are still dragons and should be treated as equals. Everyone under the sky of Stormclan is a dragon, meaning they have very little enemies. The area has not been charted by humans, and they intend to keep it that way."

Resource links for writers:
Character development:
Interactive stories:

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Garry McKinnon said...

Aimee, your initiative in providing the opportunity for students to explore their enthusiasm for writing through the Writers Guild is commendable. You enhanced the experience through the use of Edmodo and the involvement of outside experts as resources.

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