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CSS Podcasts: Assessing Website Credibility

Grades: 6-9
Subject: All

As part of our Collaboration and Outreach Program, the Calgary Science School is creating and sharing podcasts and PDF handouts of inquiry-based lessons designed by our teachers. We encourage feedback, comments and dialogue on the materials we publish.

This podcast contains one approach to assessing website credibility by introducing three criteria for students to use when conducting internet research projects.

These materials on website credibility were designed by The Critical Thinking Consortium, and are shared here with their permission.

Here's the accompanying PDF of the handouts. You can download the PDF by clicking on the download link at the top of the window.


Garry McKinnon said...

This blog provides an excellent resource for teachers and students to use to assess website credibility when conducting Internet research .

Unknown said...

This is a very valuable tool. I will be working with my grade 4 students on research criteria and will bring this into the classroom. This type of credibility can be used at all grade levels not just 6-9. Thank you for posting!

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