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Student Comments about our School

Like many schools in the province, we participate in the "Tell Them From Me" survey designed to get a sense of student engagement.

As part of the survey our grade 7-9 students are asked to answer a few open-ended questions about their school. This is a sampling of the types of comments that we received - which were overall very positive and confirming:
  • I love my school! It has enhanced my personality and my understanding of topics. They do an amazing program that is fun and educational. I don't think I would change anything in my school.
  • I think that our school really challenges us to do our best our strive to be the greatest that we can.
  • I like that you get an opportunity to learn by yourself through inquiry and experiments and hands on activities.
  • They let us learn for ourselves instead of just giving us the answer. We have group discussions so we can learn from each others ideas. And there are lots of fun projects that we do.
  • My teachers make the most unique projects that I have never heard before!
  • All my teachers motivate me to become a better person.
  • They usually make us excited to learn, and provide us with projects that allow us much freedom and ability to use our strengths. They are encouraging and assist you when you need help. They make you excited, and know your personality very well.
  • Our school gives us a chance to have second chances, the inquiry based learning is very effective.
  • They act excited themselves, which is nice.
  • They demonstrate ideas through use of models and allowing the students to try things themselves instead of constantly telling us everything.
  • They create fun projects and ones that challenge us. They also make a positive environment for us to learn.
  • They interest me with different projects and activities
  • Let us work it out on our own.
  • Keep pushing us to try and go beyond what were capable of.
  • I really like our inquiry based learning within the Calgary Science School which really makes us think deeper within various concepts applied within various applications in the real world.
  • My teachers are engaged in our learning. When we have discussions, they take all our opinions in and never say that you are wrong. It really makes you want to participate knowing everyone will respect your thoughts and opinions.
  • They give us assignments that we probably would like more than doing other things such as taking notes. Instead we can research by ourselves or in groups and do our own project. It makes is more independent than relying on the teacher for information.
  • They are funny and engaged in the topic. We have to work and find the answer for ourselves, we don't sit there any they tell us what is right and what is wrong.

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