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Making Learning Visible: Art

I was walking down our art hallway today and saw our art teacher, Lorrie Emin, putting up these great pieces of student work.

What struck me about these pieces of grade 7 student artwork (beyond the amazing quality) was how the focus was on the student learning - not just on the final product. Each piece demonstrated incredible growth and skill development - made public to the rest of the school.

This was done in a simple - yet effective way. Each of the samples had three components: a first draft, a final draft and a short blurb from the student explaining what they have learned about sketching and the challenges they faced.

One of the blurbs from the sample above reads:

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Anonymous said...

Neil and Lorrie,

Neil, your comments reflect the progressive nature of learning which Deirdre, noted in her blog. I enjoy spending time in the art room; the students are so engaged. Lorrie through your work with your students you demonstrate the true nature of inquiry. You provide your students with a foundational understanding of the various art forms, (as is reflected in the student comments about pencil drawings in this blog). The students are then given the freedom to explore and be creative using a variety of art forms. You are there to guide and support them. We admire the finished product, but equally important is the process of being authentically engaged. Thank you Neil, for sharing your observations about Lorrie's work. Lorrie we really appreciate how you bring art alive through a disposition of inquiry. Garry McKinnon

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