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Explaining the Charter with Common Craft

Our grade 9 students recently completed a project where they were asked to take a complex idea (the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) and explain it in a short, simple and entertaining format.

To accomplish this, they used the Common Craft video format. What is Common Craft? Here's the description of what they do from their website:

Our videos may surprise you. They're short and simple. They use paper cut-outs. They cover subjects "in Plain English." But lurking under the simple surface are lessons that have been crafted with great care. Despite our fun and lighthearted style, we take explanation seriously.

For our grade 9 students, creating a Common Craft explanation for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom meant they had to take a complex idea, determine the most important components, and communicate them in a visually effective and compelling way.

Here's a couple of the videos produced by our grade 9 students:


Nathan said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos from your students. What a great idea to use the 'in plain English' style to present concepts. I was fully engaged with the videos. The two videos above clearly illustrated that the students understood the content and displayed it in a very engaging way, using technology that is freely available. Well done!

I'm assuming that the videos were shared with the class. Were the students engaged while watching classmates' presentations?

Anonymous said...

I just found this and am so impressed with the quality of the student work.
I've had my own students create "Common Craft Style" videos and these will help me further clarify the concept. Thanks for the exemplars. :-)

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