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Digital Publishing Discussion: Today!

Today we're holding our first Innovation and Education "think tank" discussion! This initiative is designed to get a range of educational stakeholders together to discuss emerging ideas and possibilities in education, particularly around different technologies and their implication for the classroom.

We have planned our first "Innovation in Education" event for Wednesday, March 23rd, from 7:00 - 8:30pm.

A grade 8 teacher from the Calgary Science School, David Scott, and PD/Outreach Coordinator Neil Stephenson will be the facilitators for our first event. David and Neil have become very interested the potential of digital publishing or 'etextbooks' - particularly as resource for teacher professional development. They are starting to build their first "integrated digital teaching resources" - digital documents embedded with video files, student examples and assessment resources.

The dynamic, self contained, and digital nature of electronic publishing elevates it beyond paper or text based resources. In addition to providing a more interesting and visually rich platform to engage ideas, concepts, and knowledge central to a unit, digital teaching resources have the potential to provide an integrated space where current research and scholarship, the program of studies, and the lived world of the classroom intersect in one resource.

David and Neil will use the resources they're working on to initiate discussion about the potential of digital publishing in education - both as student resources and teacher development material.

During the event there'll be opportunity for discussion around questions such as:

What potential does digital publishing hold for teacher resources?
How might digital resources address both content delivery and pedagogical practices?
What role might digital resources play in teacher and student teacher development?

We will be hosting this event both physically (at the Calgary Science School) and digitally through this link.

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - please bring it along! We'll be demonstrating some of the experiments we've been making with digital publishing.

There's no cost for the event - although we ask that you sign up in advance by clicking here.

It's open to all (parents, teachers, administrators, etc) Please spread the word about this event!

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