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Grade 8s Need Help from Calgary Experts

"Does Calgary have the necessary conditions to be a Renaissance City?

This is the overarching question that grade 8 students at the Calgary Science School are currently working to answer. Over the last few months, students researched particular areas of the Renaissance, including trade/commerce, religion/spirituality, and art/culture to ascertain what conditions, developments and unique features were present in northern Italy during the 16th century. After completing their research, the students have condensed their findings into a short presentation video- with the intention of demonstrating the particular conditions that led to the flourishing of the Italian City States during the Italian Renaissance.

Now that our students have gathered some expertise about the conditions that existed during the Italian Renaissance, they are hoping to build an understanding of the current conditions in Calgary, to determine whether or not Calgary might have the same necessary conditions to become a "'Renaissance City."

With that in mind we are hoping to connect with local Calgary experts in the following categories:

Art & Culture
Political and Social Systems
Science & Technology
Trade, Finance and Economics
Humanism and Philosophy

As we find local experts in these topics (for example, Art in Calgary, not Art in the Renaissance) we are hoping that they are able to (1) watch a student generated presentation (5-7 minutes) on the conditions during the Renaissance, and then (2) provide comments on how that particular element exists in Calgary today.

There are four grade 8 classes looking for experts, so we are looking for a large number (at least 4) of experts for each of the 8 categories. Some experts already committed to come and speak with our students face to face - but we're hoping for a lot more experts who will respond online.

If you are an local 'expert' in these areas, and would consider contributing to this project, it would be greatly appreciated!

We have set up four websites for this project, one for each of the classes doing this study. On each site is a page for each of the 8 elements (art, religion, etc). To participate, simply click on one of the links below, and respond in the categories that fit your expertise.

The four websites are:

Thank you for your consideration.


Stuart R. Crawford said...

How can I help?

Stuart Crawford

Neil Stephenson said...

Hi Stuart,

To respond, choose, one of the four links above and respond on the appropriate page. Much appreciated!


SE Calgary News said...

Sure, let me know what I can do.

Markham Hislop
The Calgary Beacon

Neil Stephenson said...

Hi Markham,

What would be most helpful is to click on one of the four links above, and then respond to any of the elements (art/culture, political/social systems, etc) that you have local knowledge of.

Very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I posted responses to your questions on 8.3 Renaissance Study, Arts and Culture.
Hope that was the appropriate place to post.
Gord Ferguson
Sculpture Program Head, Alberta College of Art & Design

Neil Stephenson said...

Gord - your responses are very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to add to our students understanding.

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