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Grade 4 Regions: Project Outline

Previously on the site, we had shared a grade 4 project designed to cover the Alberta's regions component of the Social Studies Program of Studies.

Basically, the goal of the project is to have students, in groups of 4, design the layout for a community that combines their content understanding of a particular geographic region (natural resources, vegetation, unique geographical features) with some basic concepts of sustainable development.

The teachers met yesterday and planned out some of the particulars of the project. You can access the planning document and outline of the project here (including some initial drafts of rubrics).

We plan to start this project next week. Part of the kick off for the project involves having a local developer come and speak with our students about a current sustainable development that is being planned for just south of Calgary.

Also, we have shared this project with Elizabeth Rummel, an elementary school in Canmore, Alberta. Their grade 4 teachers have agreed to try the same project with their kids. We're looking foward to seeing what potentials for collaboration will emerge between the two schools.

We'll continue to share updates as the project unfolds.


Russ said...

Will keep coming back, sounds fab.

Russ (England)

MrsT said...

Is it possible to access some samples of this project (student work, rubric, etc.). I would love to tackle something similar this year. I've been looking for ideas to get me started.

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