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Inquiry, Assessment and Term 1 Video Report Cards in Physical Education

Deirdre Bailey ~ Physical Education

This important information bulletin provides details on our new term 1 report card assessments in physical education at CSS. As we hope many parents are aware, this year has provided us with the opportunity to re-think our approach to inquiry-based physical education (see Connect! blog post) as well as our approach to end of semester assessments in PE. 

Earlier this term we shared our proposal for physical education assessment reform with our CSS parent council. The council were in support of this new approach to reporting with the suggestion that we share both our rationale and process with parents via the PE website.

We've put together some information about our program, changes in assessment, and a how to access your child's video on Edmodo video, all of which are included below. We are both very happy to meet with parents during first term interviews next week in order to discuss our program and assessment practices further. We would also welcome any questions via email at or

Inquiry in Physical Education

Re-thinking Assessment in Phys Ed 

Accessing your child's video report card on Edmodo

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Garry McKinnon said...

Deirdre, your blog which is an extension of your earlier blog on rethinking our approach to inquiry-based physical education and the assessment of learning is very informative. You share many effective strategies for making assessment authentic, integrated, meaningful and formative and although you are making specific reference to physical education the model which you and Dean have developed would be very effective in any situation in which teachers are striving to give their students ownership for the assessment of learning and to actively engage them in the process. The video clips you prepared for informing parents and gaining their support for this new approach to assessment are very well done. The process of interviewing each student and having your students reflect on the various aspects of inquiry in physical education using the rubrics which they have been actively involved in developing is very effective. Your colleagues in education will benefit greatly from the detailed description of your experience in taking a new approach to physical education and assessment, based on learning and teaching through a disposition of inquiry.

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