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Family Artifact Inquiry- Grade 7

Rick Fawcett and Jared McKenzie~ Grade 7 Humanities.

This project was designed as a way to share the personal connection the students have to Canadian history and to engage them in the process of curating a historical narrative of their own family's history.

Inquiry Stage #1: Choose an Artifact - Is there some thing in your home that you have always wondered about? - The goal is to choose an artifact that has a rich history and means a great deal to you and your family. - It should have a story and you should have access to that story. - The artifact doesn’t need to be in your family’s possession.

Inquiry Stage #2: Research the Artifact - Learn as much as you possibly can about the artifact's history. - Ask the big questions: - Where did it come from? - How did it come to be in your family’s possession? - What is its significance? - You will conduct one personal interview with a member of the family that has important information about the artifact and the story it tells. - Explore the historical links between your artifact and World History.

Inquiry Stage #3: Present Your Learning - Using your creative iMovie skills, put your learning into a powerful 2-3 minute presentation that celebrates the artifact and the story it represents.

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Garry McKinnon said...

Rick and Jared, thank you for describing the involvement of your students in making personal connections to Canadian history through their family artifact inquiries.The video clip with exemplars of the students' work, as they share their authentic stories, was very interesting and engaging. I am sure that other teachers will appreciate the reference you make through your blog to the various stages of the inquiry, the guidelines you provide the students and the rubric you used to serve as a framework for their inquiries and to provide feedback to the students. Clearly, your students were highly engaged in a most worthwhile learning activity.

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