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Grade 5 Weather Wise With a Storm Chaser

Kathryn Desrochers~ Grade 5 Math and Science Student Teacher 
University of Lethbridge

On Friday February 8, 2013 all four grade 5 classes had the opportunity to Skype with George Kourounis. George is a storm chaser, most well known for his TV Series “Angry Planet” in which he chronicles his adventures chasing storms and exploring the globe. He has also done extensive work with The Weather Network, most recently filming controlled avalanches in the Kootenay Pass.

Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties with the call, but George quickly shifted gears from his planned presentation to an interactive, engaging question and answer session. The students were brimming with questions and asked things such as “What is the most severe weather you have ever been caught in?”, “Were you on the East Coast for Hurricane Sandy?”, “Have you ever experienced a tsunami?” and many, many more. 

George was extremely impressed by the depth and quality of the questions asked by our students. We will continue to be in contact with George via email to ask any more questions that arise during the completion of our weather unit.

Regardless of the fact that the technology did not work in the way we had hoped it would, it was an excellent opportunity for students to share in the expertise and passion of someone dedicated to exploring and documenting severe weather, climate change, and natural disasters worldwide.

Visit to see more of the amazing video and photography by George Kourounis. 

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Garry McKinnon said...

Kathryn, it is great to have our student teachers blogging about their learning and teaching experiences. As you observe, the enthusiasm and active engagement of the students overcame the technical problems you experienced. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

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