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Resources for MT Year-One Lecture

This week, three of our teachers are giving the two morning lectures to 350 first year education students at the University of Calgary.

We are sharing the vision we have for inquiry-based learning at the Calgary Science School, and using some of our classroom projects as a way to illustrate how strong inquiry-based work is carefully and thoughtfully designed.

The two slide shows given are:

During the MT lecture we mentioned the Inquiry Rubric developed by the Galileo Educational Network, which is the foundation of our model of Inquiry-Based Learning. More examples of classroom projects, linked up to the inquiry rubric can be found here.

Below are some of the videos used in the presentation.

This math podcast is a grade 8 solution to the Babushka Problem on the Galileo Educational Network's math problems resource.

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Anonymous said...

Today's lecture was thought provoking on many different levels. Thank you for taking the time to visit the university and to share some of the experiences that are ongoing at the Calgary Science School. I look forward to browsing this blog further!

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