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Guest Speaker at MRU

This morning one of our staff, Neil Stephenson, was a guest speaker during an Education Course at Mount Royal University. Neil was asked to participate in a course on inquiry-based learning, and he Skyped in to respond to questions generated by the university students.

The students had utilized the Inquiry Rubric developed by the Galileo Educational Network as the framework for discussing Inquiry, and then used Neil's Cigar Box Project as a case study. In groups, the students had used the Rubric to assess Neil's project, and then came to today's discussion with questions about the project and designing inquiry-based learning.

Here's a recording of the Skype chat, with Neil responding to questions from the Education students:


Jodi Nickel said...

Neil: Thanks so much for your time! It was interesting for the students to do a mini-inquiry on IBL including the addition of an expert. You made it authentic! Thanks also for the time you invested with the presenters. They are IBL converts! :-)

- Jodi (their prof)

Anonymous said...

I think the skype session was quite impactful on the students. We had students write down before the lesson, a description or definition of what they thought Inquiry Based Learning was, after the lesson we had them re-write the definition. The results were very impressive, students wrote about how they had been very unsure and confused about the topic, but after speaking with Neil, they felt a lot more comfortable with the concept.

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