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Student Voice in Assemblies

Like other school across the country, we had a school assembly on November 10, remembering those brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the protect of our country.

When our school has assemblies like this, our school philosophy is always to get students involved as much as possible - particularly having students share their voice and opinions on different issues. In the past, our student assemblies for Rememberance Day have contained student podcasts, tableux, readings and movie productions.

One of the great things about being a 1:1 laptop school is the range of possibilities that emerge for students to use technology to capture their voice, and create presentations to be shared with the rest of the student body. The work that students create in classes often has an authentic audience, right here in our own school.

Here's a great example, spearheaded by Rachelle Savoie, one of our Grade 8 Humanities teachers. Rachelle organized this production - offering the opportunity for any CSS student to come forward and share their thoughts and reflections on Remembrance Day. This was one among many student-centered productions shown that day - demonstrating the power of technology to allow students express their voice about a topic that matters.

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Very moving! Excellent work!

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