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Collaboration with the University of Regina

50 of our grade 6 students are about to embark on a "Powerful Learning Opportunity."

Dean Shareski, education professor at the University of Regina, has a class of student teachers that he is partnering with various classrooms around the world. The purpose of this project is to:

• Provide online opportunities for K-12 students to receive feedback on their classroom work
• Allow student teachers a broader experience of teaching methods
• Explore the possibilities of using technology to open up classrooms

In light of this opportunity, we have decided to connect 50 of our grade 6 Humanities students with two student teachers from the University of Regina. Over the next few months, two student teachers, Amanda Marcenko and Danielle Gomersall, will be assisting our students as they work through writing their “Penny Books.” Amanda and Danielle will dedicate about 30-45 minutes a week to be ‘virtual student teachers’ in our classes.

As it stands right now, the plan is to select a couple of students each week to share their writing with either Danielle or Amanda. Having access to the mini-lessons that our students are using to improve their writing, the student teachers will read and provide feedback to our students. Our students will use their Calgary Science School accounts to email their stories to the student teachers, and there’s also the possibility of having the student teachers video-conference directly with our students about their writing. If this element of the collaboration works out, it would be done through my personal Skype account.

Again, the overall goal is to help our students’ writing improve by increasing the amount of feedback they receive.

We're excited about this innovative use of technology to improve our student writing. Thanks to Dean for setting it up!

We'll be sure to report back on the project as it begins to unfold over the coming weeks.

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