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This Grade 8 Project Needs Your Help!

Our grade 8 teachers are currently working on a large-scale project that will soon need your help!

In Alberta, the grade 8 Social Studies curriculum revolves around "Worldviews." One of the core concepts our teachers want to get across this year is that different groups of people have different worldviews.

The plan for our grade 8 students is:

1) to build hypotheses about which indicators (age, location, gender, etc) might have the greatest impact on people's worldviews.
2) in their math classes (stats are part of the grade 8 curriculum) design the indicators and data analysis they want to run on the data after they collect it
3) to build a questionnaire that collects data on people's worldview - based on the sample from Alberta Learning
4) make the questionnaire digital using Google Forms
5) make it go viral using social networking - hopefully getting some responses from around the world!!
6) make the spreadsheet of responses publicly available
7) analyze the data

The idea for the project came from a "Personal Worldview Questionnaire" put out by Alberta Education as a curriculum resource. Here's the original:

We're pretty excited about the idea - even though it seems a little audacious! We think it will be fantastic for our students to track the data as it streams (or maybe trickles!) in.

We're also excited about the cross-curricular connections between the Humanities and Math curriculum areas.

Since we haven't yet introduced this project, we value your feedback and suggestions.

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Kara from Arkansas, USA said...

I just completed your survy. You can thank Wes Fryer for his advertisement of your survy on his blog. Good Luck and I'll be interested in seeing the results. Looks like a wonderful project.

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